Your advantages with Mirakon


Integration: Easily integrated with other systems. 

 The knowledge-based definition:  It is better to store a method (knowledge) that is able to compute the drilling time, depending on the tool, material and drilling parameters, than to store this time (data) for thousands of pieces. If a new type of drilling tool is purchased, all this data becomes obsolete. The calculation method, however, can be extended within few minutes, and all the data can be recalculated in seconds fast. Mirakon links data with its generator knowledge in such a way, that this data can be justified and updated at any time.

 The treatment of complex structuresRelational data base systems are unsuitable, when it comes to model complex products or production processes. The data of an object is distributed on many tables and relations and it generates complicated data structures. Mirakon offers, from start, a new approach: Data trees growing freely instead of rigid pre-defined tables

 Tekla Language: Technical Knowledge Language. This is a programming language very close to "Human Language", which allows a "non-programmer" to very easily create applications.