Águeda / Portugal

Client since 2007



The relationship with Mirakon was built as a technology partnership, contributing both companies with the know-how needed to develop a highly specialized solution for the mold and cutting tools industry. The implementation of about 6 months was so successful that it exceeded the initial expectations.

 The company is satisfied with the performance of the system stating that "it is adapted to our actual needs from planning, execution control and administrative process in a simple but functional way. It is powerful in providing information throughout the course of the projects. It has an immense versatility and customization capabilities and covers all functional areas of our business. We feel it is a powerful system and has great scope for progression" -  says José Alberto Castanheira, Managing Partner of Ifermol

José Alberto Castanheira adds that "the choice of Mirakon Software came after careful research and consultations of existing software's on the market. It was decisive that Mirakon combined a deep understanding of business variables, with a broad technological ability to innovate and respond to our real needs and problems. Mirakon  proved to be a true business partner and not just another supplier."

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