» eagleburgmann Implementation of HKB in EagleBurgmann South America (Brazil and Mexico).

The HKB (Herstellkosten Berechnung) is a product configurator based on knowledge. It identifies the function of the product and based upon knowledge of the enterprise, generates the manufacturing process and calculates the costs.

» Implementation of IES in EagleBurgmann Brazil.

 I.E.S. (Integrated Enterprising System) is a planning tool that simulates and optimizes the production.




» schwarz Leasing Management for workwear in Schwarz & Schwarz.

» Opengl 3D Modeling + Kinematic Simulation for NCPLAN.

ncplan 01 ncplan 02





» Implementation of HKB in ABB-TS China.

» peko Implementation of WEB-Services in PEKO. Any potential client or customer of PEKO, if authorized, can get customized quotes for products and then place the order using the Mirakon Software that communicates via Web-Services with software PEKO.

» V11 Released.





» burgmann houston Implementation of HKB in EagleBurgmann Houston.





» eagleburgmann Start of NCPLAN project  (generation and simulation of CNC programs based on knowledge, as well as costing and time calculations). The NCPLAN allows, from the design stage, to generate the manufacturing process as well as all CNC programming needed to produce it.

With the CNC program is possible to calculate the timing of manufacture, and through kinematic simulate the machining of the part in order to anticipate possible collisions and verify the effectiveness of the CNC program.

ncplan burgmann





» Opening of Mirakon Portugal (Implementation of ERP IOS System in various sectors of activity).

The IOS (Integrated Organization System) was developed to cover all areas of an organization in an integrated way. The major advantage is that this software reflects the specific features of each organization, thus meeting the real needs of the company.

» schwarz Development and implementation of a Logistics and Commercial Management Solution in Schwarz & Schwarz.





» diesel united Implementation of HKB in the United Diesel Japan. diesel ship





» BMW Project EDS in BMW: a knowledge management system for the purchase department.





» Hader SA develops its ERP system with the Mirakon system.





» Project ABCD: supported by the government KTI-project, in cooperation with ETA (SWATCH affiliate), Mecanex e ETH Lausanne.

» V10 Release.





» Project WIVA: knowledge based variant construction (Wissensbasierte Variantenkonstruktion) with Burgmann GmbH (DE).





» kompass Start of project Kompass (supported by the government KTI-project) with ABB-TS and ETH Zürich: Knowledge management.





» Development of a FMEA-process application with ABB-TS. 

Registration of failures during the manufacturing process so that in similar situations, and without having to search for files or documents, the user is alerted reactively to the danger of repeated failure.





» Developed the Mirakon-System, a software component system for knowledge-based construction and planning of products and business processes. Thus, specific applications, can be developed in short time, e.g. product configuration systems, cost calculation, date and capacity planning, layout planning, FMEA systems, etc... [Read more] »





» voestalpine Firma Grau, Schwäbischgmünd (DE): Expert system for the configuration and calculation of molds.





» Hader SA, La Chaux de Fonds: Calculation of offers with HKB, first implementation of IOS.





» Development of IOS (Integrated Organization System). Thus one can organize and plan business processes. Examples: Scheduling, stock management, sales planning, etc.





» eagleburgmann Burgmann GmbH, Wolfratshausen (DE): Work plan preparation with HKB.





» abb ABB Turbo-Systems: Beginning of an intensive cooperation.





» BMW BMW: development of HKB to be used as configuration system for whole tools and production plants.





» eth ETH Zürich: Integration of HKB in the teaching of mechanical engineering.





» BMW Beginning of intensive cooperation with BMW Munich, within the area of manufacturing costs of devices.





» Establishment of the company MIRAKON by Pedro Ferreirinha and Dr. V. Hubka.

The initial goal of the company was the support for designing technical systems.

Therefore the name MIRAKON is derived from: Means for Efficient Construction (Mittel für Rationelle Konstruktion).

Our first product, the HKB (manufacturing costs computation) (Herstellkosten-Berechnung), made possible to the technical designers, due to a technical machine system description, to generate the manufacturing process and to compute times and costs.

 » Our first customer: Maag-Zahnräder Zürich.