Modelling Knowledge


We live in a time where knowledge grows very fast. Day by day thousands of specialized publications are published. Books, Internet, Data bases, CD-Rom and other knowledge carriers are very attractive offers.

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Operating specific know-how however "lives" in the heads of the coworkers, rarely is published and is not often at the disposal of the other coworkers. If for instance a new technical designer wants to know the tolerance of a more complex product, or the most suitable material for it, he must consult experts. If these experts go into retirement, the company loses priceless know-how and development capability.

Our goal is it to seize and organize this know-how in such a way that the users know the most diverse situations experienced without having to search. For that Mirakon offers several tools and methods.


The knowledge bases are arranged into "insertable" modules. Each module treats a topic and offers to its author a semantic independent from other modules.


Each knowledge module is modelled as a tree, whose "fruits" are tables, procedures, functions, documents, dialogues and data structures. These knowledge objects are linked semantically with each another.


A particularly efficient method is the employment of masters. Masters are parameterizable models of different objects, which possess "intelligence". Example: The product "Engine transmission" can, due to its parameters and assigned actions, generate designs, parts lists, schedules, cost structures, etc .