Modelling Processes


The planning of productions orders can become very fastidious and requires a powerful modelling tool as well as complex algorithms. Especially, if several "bottle neck" resources are bound to individual operations, and these operations are related with each other or with another production order.

 The Mirakon system allows to link several production orders with each other. A production order contains several operations and each operation can use several resources, e.g.: the operation mill-cut needs 5 hours of work center, 2 hours mechanics, one device and 3 KW/H. Each resources has a limited capacity and can have exceptions like Holidays, overtime, loss because of repairs etc.. Operations can flow and leave or not interruptions between them, and can be forward or backwards planned.

Prozessmodell gross en

With the production plan module of Mirakon a production plan from costumer orders and production orders can be planned, in conjuction with stock control (!), in a few minutes.

By fixing and shifting orders several simulations can be fast calculated, thus optimizing the production terms.

Several customized graphic documents give information over dates, capacity, loads, purchase lists, etc.